Cigar Roller

Add touch of class to your next event. We are a premium cigar rolling company with professionals cigar rollers trained Cuban style and experience in cigar rolling events.
Cigar Roller will roll 50 cigars at the event depending on the package.

At the event, Cigar Roller will have cigar bunches done and will apply the wrapper for demonstration purposes. he or she will be able to complete 50 to 100 cigars during the 2 hours.

can provide you with a simple band for the cigars with a logo or text at no extra charge as long as you provide images that will work on a cigar band.

Roller will have multiple blends available for the mild, medium and full bodied smokers. He will also make a variety of shapes so your guests will have a good selection.

The difference between our Cigar Rollers and other rollers is:

.1. Our rollers looks the part. he’s what most cigar smokers imagine a cigar roller from a factory to look like which makes the demonstration feel more authentic.

2. Our rollers talks the talk. Unlike other rollers who don’t speak much English, they can explain the process to your guests and can interact with them.

3. Roller can cut and light the cigars for your guests as well.

Requests a $200 deposit to secure our services.
Please email me at your convenience

Important Information:
Extend Cigar Rollers time $100/hr.
Looking forward in bringing Cuban cigar rollers to your next event!

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